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"a highly entertaining property… audiences are giving standing ovations to Beattie's tour de force"

- Variety

On August 4, 2013, Walt Wingfield passed another milestone in his remarkable career. That day's matinee performance of Letter From Wingfield Farm at the Belfry Theatre in Victoria, British Columbia, was Rod Beattie's 4,500th performance of a Wingfield play in a little under thirty years.

From the Orange Hall in Rosemont, Ontario (August, 1984) to Victoria (August, 2013) with opening nights in 1985 (Letter From Wingfield Farm) in 1987 (Wingfield's Progress) in 1990 (Wingfield's Folly) in 1997 (Wingfield Unbound) in 2001 (Wingfield On Ice) in 2005 (Wingfield's Inferno) and in 2009 (Wingfield Lost and Found) Walt and Rod have delighted capacity audiences across Canada in most regional theatres, including Victoria's Belfry, the Vancouver Playhouse, Edmonton's Citadel, Theatre Calgary, the Globe in Regina, the Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg, the Grand Theatre in London, the Stratford Festival, Theatre Orangeville, Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton, the Royal Alexandra Theatre and Canadian Stage Company in Toronto, Theatre New Brunswick and the Neptune in Halifax, as well as hundreds of smaller venues.

They've also taken part in seasons at Cincinnati's Playhouse in the Park and the Asolo Theater in Sarasota, Florida. The first three Wingfield plays were broadcast on CBC's Morningside, a TV version of Letter From Wingfield Farm (produced by Primedia Productions) won the 1991 Gemini Award for best performing arts program, and in November, 1998, a series of thirty half-hour TV episodes, entitled Wingfield, produced by Norflicks Productions, made its CBC debut. The series has aired more recently on Bravo! Canada and WNED TV, the PBS station in Buffalo NY.

Rod Beattie has won three best actor awards for his stage performances in the Wingfield plays: The "Sterling" in 1988 (Edmonton, Alberta) the "Dora" in 1992 (Toronto) and the "Critics Award" in 1995 (Sarasota).

Rod Beattie as Walt Wingfield

Photos: Terry Manzo

Rod Beattie as Freddy, Don & Third Witch

Photos: Terry Manzo & Ian Jackson

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