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The complete live performance schedule for 2017 is now posted. For details and contact info for each venue click on "Schedule" above.

This summer actor Rod Beattie returns to Ontario's Stratford Festival, playing roles in Twelfth Night, School for Scandal and Tartuffe. He'll be tied up from early March to mid-November, so opportunities to see live Wingfield performances in 2017 are fewer than they have been in recent years.

Quote for the Summer: 

Walt: (to the audience) The drive down the Centre Road towards Hollyhock is one that never fails to lift my spirits. As you crest the first hill, you get a panoramic view of the Boyne River Valley through a picture frame of white cedars. The drumlins spill down like eggs out of a basket with Hollyhock nestled at the bottom. It was never a busy place, but now the half dozen stone houses have been renovated by doctors and dentists from the city, who appear only on weekends. You could say that Hollyhock has fallen on good times.

(Wingfield Unbound)

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