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The complete live performance schedule for 2017 is now posted. For details and contact info for each venue click on "Schedule" above.

Actor Rod Beattie will be returning to Stratford ON's Shakespeare Festival in 2017, acting in Twelfth Night, School for Scandal and Tartuffe. This will keep him busy from early March to mid-November, so opportunities to see live Wingfield performances in 2017 will be somewhat fewer than they have been in recent years.

Quote for the Month: 

Walt: (to the audience) Doctors carry beepers to tell them when they're wanted in Maternity. What’s a farmer supposed to carry at this time of year? My cows are calving, my sheep are lambing, and my goats have got to be kidding. In the midst of all this, one of my steers conked out – had to be dragged away by Oscar Berry's Dead Stock Removal Service. Our sanitary measures are beyond reproach, we use the latest medicated feed, the penicillin syringe is never dry, but still the casualties are pretty high. The Lord giveth, and Oscar Berry taketh away.

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