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The complete live performance schedule for 2017 is now posted. For details and contact info for each venue click on "Schedule" above.

This summer actor Rod Beattie is returning to Ontario's Stratford Festival, playing roles in Twelfth Night, School for Scandal and Tartuffe. He'll be tied up from early March to mid-November, so opportunities to see live Wingfield performances in 2017 are fewer than they have been in recent years.

Quote for the Spring: 

Walt: (to the audience) Well, Ed, the Fishers had their auction last Saturday morning. I watched as the neighborhood descended on the place and picked it clean. After it was over, and the Fishers had driven off to their new house in town, the auctioneer walked over the property with me. His name's Freddy. Interesting chap! Friendly and out-going. He runs a beef and dairy herd on the farm next door - plants corn, grain, potatoes, turnips… does auction sales... some blacksmithing… small auto repairs... and real estate. It's what I believe is called mixed farming. As we walked, we talked about the farm and my plans for the summer. Although the sun is warm and some green is beginning to show through the dead grass, the ground is still spongy, muddy and wet.

(Letter From Wingfield Farm)

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