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True Confessions from the Ninth Concession, a funny and affectionate chronicle of rural life from Wingfield author Dan Needles, published by Douglas & McIntyre, is now in its second printing. It's a great book to read straight through or dip in and out of - highly recommend for your holiday giving list. 

Quote for the Fall: 

Walt: (to audience) I stepped off the train and breathed in the smells of home: ripe apples, freshly turned earth, burning leaves. I had a few minutes to spare before Maggie picked me up, so I sat down on the war memorial in front of the station to enjoy the evening. A light ring of white mist surrounded the Orange Hall like a halo. Little plumes of it steamed out of the vents under the eaves. Holy cow! It’s on fire! (dials phone) Fortunately, our 911 service has recently been upgraded. (into phone) Hello?… The Orange Hall is on fire... Mmm? No, I don’t know the numerical code, but you know the building. It’s at the four corners of Wellington Street and the Town Line. Well, it used to be the Town Line, now it’s Regional Road number, oh, what is it... Mmm? Right in Larkspur... Where is? North of Highway Thirteen, about five miles west of Dem… Mmm? In Ontario, for Pete’s sake! Where are you?

(Wingfield's Inferno)

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